Ettin Con 2020

Virtual Gaming Weekend

Safely Social Tabletop & Arcade Fun


18th - 19th July 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's safer for everyone to play at home and socialise online.
Play tabletop & video games at home or over the internet, tagging and sharing with us!

About The Event

Poster for Winter 2020

This year only, we've moved our convention online to protect players during the pandemic.
Since 2015, we've been hosting events where people can meet to share, explore & enjoy social games of all kinds on tabletops and screens. Originally one day twice a year, we're now a whole weekend each Winter. All are welcome within our code of conduct for a safe and fun experience, whether you're already in the gaming world, or just curious about what people play these days. We have plenty of tables available, and each day is full of opportunities! If you're curious about our name, or how it began, click here.

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Board Games

(We've come a long way since monopoly or snakes & ladders)

Play any board game you like, online or off, and share it online using the tag #EttinCon2020! There are heaps of ways to play board games on the internet with friends. For our list of resources, visit

Join Our Board Game Arena Group!

Role-Playing Games

(More than just Dungeons Dragons)

Explore a number of genres or systems with us! Run a game online, join one of our registered sessions, or just share your home play experience with us via the tag #EttinCon2020! We even have our own fantasy world to which you can contribute your ideas through play!

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Card Games

Play any card game you like, online or off, and share it online using the tag #EttinCon2020! There are heaps of ways to play card games on the internet with friends. For our list of resources, visit

Video Games

(Social multiplayer emphasis)

Play any video game you like, online or off, and share it online using the tag #EttinCon2020! There are heaps of ways to play video games on the internet with friends. For our list of resources, visit


Game Listing

Although most of our event is free play on open tables, scheduled sessions will be listed below. Games will be added regularly between January and June. We'll announce them wherever we have a social account, but you can subscribe to our newsletter for more detailed updates!

PLEASE NOTE: All dates/times are listed in Australian Eastern Standard Time, but anyone in the world awake enough to play is welcome!

Submissions open onare now
10:00am Saturday 18th January 2020open!
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Run Your Game!
Submissions close on
12:00am Thursday 18th June 2020

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As you wander dirty, frostlocked streets, through a deafening storm, a toothless seeress staggers drunkenly toward you, howling a warning...

It’s the 19th Century. You have all signed up to see if the rumours about a Statue in a town in Western France have any real substance

Ardent travellers! Join us for the sort of fantasy road-trip which Studio Ghibli might make after watching Adventure Time & Steven Universe.

Everything was quiet on the exoplanet TC3 colony until the INVADERS arrived. It's time to fight back and save your home.

The recent gold shipment from Munroe Mine has not arrived, the townsfolk are starting to get worried.

In the sweltering summer of 1959, the Curtis Family were attacked by a group of “little green men”. Rumours suggest they may have returned.

Run Your Game

If you're a game-master, a demonstrator, a designer wanting to playtest, or something different, we'll do our best to help you do your thing! For more detail on what we expect from our GMs, please see our GM Guidelines.

Submissions Close In:

Become a Worldbuilder!
Playing or running a game in our shared fantasy setting adds to its history and geography.


When and where each scheduled session can be found across both days. Please launch the fullscreen version for the best experience on your device. Scheduled sessions are also automatically announced on our Discord server, twice within the hour before they begin.


We're a volunteer-run non-profit association, so any level of involvement you can spare is always welcome!

We still have a few shirts left, they're really nice.

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Ettin Con survives and thrives by virtue of the generous support from these businesses and the NSW gaming communities they serve. Throw money at them, or visit to remind them that they are awesome!


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You can donate directly to the Ettin Games Association to help us stay afloat.
NB: Despite being a non-profit organisation, we are not a registered charity, and as such, your donation is not tax-deductable.

Gift Vouchers
Give someone the gift of play! Valid for 12 months, in case they can't attend this year.

Itch Collection
Want to support a creator whose games were played at our event? Or maybe just looking for more games or related tabletop tools?